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RCDevs provides enterprise-grade security solutions for both professionals and non-professionals. Our solutions rely on proven technologies and open standards such as OATH, U2F, OpenID, SAML, TiQR, LDAP or RADIUS.

In few words, RCDevs solutions are high-quality, cost-effective and respond to all your requirements in terms of user authentication, access control management, secure transaction, single-sign-on. They integrate seamless into complex IT infrastructures and help optimizing your investments in a very efficient and easy-to-implement way.

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OpenOTP Authentication Server OpenID/SAML Identity Server
TiQR Login & Signing Server

Our main project: OpenOTP™ stands for a powerful and accessible two-factor authentication system providing secure and reliable authentication of users to online services, VPNs, intranet / extranet access, secure Internet transactions...

OpenOTP relies on One-Time Passwords and mobile technologies. It supports Software and Hardware OTP Tokens (OATH event-based, time-based and challenge-based standards), FIDO Universal Second Factor (U2F), Mobile-OTP, YubiKey, Google Authenticator as well as out-of-band SMS, mail, secure mail OTP.

The Best One-Time Password Solution for Web Appllications and VPNs

OpenOTP Authentication Server is an enterprise-grade strong authentication server which brings a combination of cost-efficiency, security and ease of use for corporate access.

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OpenOTP is integrated into your enterprise and configured in an hour. With OpenOTP, you don't need experts or expensive consultancy to start with Two-Factor experience.